Think Smart Tutoring

We do whatever it takes to make each student successful!!!

At Think Smart Tutoring we address each client’s individual needs. We use Direct Instruction programs which are evidence-based and have over 40 years of research to support their effectiveness. These Direct Instruction materials are designed to take each client from where they are to where they need to go. The initial session begins by completing essential curriculum assessments to identify what skills are emerging versus skills that are mastered. These assessments help us make sure each client is accurately placed within the curriculum. As your child progresses, we systematically reassess your child’s skills to adjust our instruction to meet their ever changing needs. 

Our tutors are thoroughly trained to use all of the Direct Instruction programs. After they are trained in the curriculum, we use side-by side coaching on a regular basis to ensure we consistently deliver the best instruction possible. Before tutors begin working with clients, they work with my own children so I can personally attest to the quality of tutoring your child will receive.

We believe in alternating tutors so that the client learns to generalize what they have been taught across different individuals and situations; making them as successful as possible.

Through this process of learning we are able to ensure that every client is successful by attending to your child’s individual needs, placing them in appropriate evidence-based curriculum, and working to ensure they are capable of generalizing their knowledge.

We do whatever it takes to make each and every client successful.